Who are we

TEXSYS has been created in 1995 and was working in the early years for the space industry in Toulouse, on instrumentation and measurements systems, control and mission ground segments, and EGNOS and GALILEO satellite navigation systems.

From 2000, we have applied our technologies and know-how in the field of renewable energies, to design and develop monitoring and control systems. They have proved their performances and reliability in wind energy, photovoltaic and hydroelectricity.

Today TEXSYS is a SME, specialized in development of automation and supervision systems dedicated to electricity production from renewable sources.

In this domain, TEXSYS offers his own productions and solutions:

  • The Actem SCADA running on embedded server under Linux OS
  • The web platform Datem Cloud for complete management of RE power stations, giving services to the different stakeholders in the electricity production chain.
  • An innovative automation solution,RunRiver, dedicated to small hydropower stations, and which is particularly efficient for flow regulation and dispatching and for production optimization.

TEXSYS provides also services to electricity producers in the study phase :

  • Assistance to system requirements definition
  • Audit and inspection of existing infrastructure
  • Consultancy on the design of the whole Electricity / Automation / Supervision / Instrumentation sub-assembly

11 rue Jules Verne

33130 Bègles



General Manager : Laurent Buquet