SCADA for wind farms and photovoltaic fields

Since 2015 TEXSYS has deployed his Actem SCADA on a tens of wind farms, for a total of 170 MW.

Actem has been installed in different French regions for the following owners : Mistral Energie, Sergies, and La Française d’éoliennes (today Renvico).


TEXSYS has equiped the "Côtes de Champagne" wind farm with its Actem SCADA

TEXSYS has equiped the "Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône" wind farm with its Actem SCADA


We have also equipped several photovoltaic fields.

TEXSYS has equipped a photovoltaic roof of a barn with its Actem SCADA Actem SCADA tests during integration on a photovoltaic field


Furthermore, we have developed automation systems for DEIE management and automatic re-engagement of delivery substations, on different wind and photovoltaic farms, and also on the hydropower plants which we have automatized.