R&D in wind energy forecasting

TEXSYS has worked actively on the IMERSEO project, with its two partners : the Atmosphere  company and the Toulouse Aerology Laboratory. It is an R&D project co-financed by the Midi-Pyrénées Region. The aim is to study powerful operational solutions for wind energy production forecast of any individual wind farm on an H+36 timescale.

The IMERSEO forecast is integrated on our Datem Cloud platform in order to propose these services not only to wind energy producers but also to utility grid managers and electricity traders. We offer them an aggregated vision of the current and estimated short-term production for the pool of renewable energy power stations under their control.

The project has been concluded in June 2016 by a demonstration phase in operational conditions on the Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône wind farm (20 MW). During this phase of several months, the accuracy of the wind energy forecast has been monitored and evaluated, proving excellent performances.



Reference met mast upgrade on Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône wind farm