Monitoring and Control System for hydrokinetic turbines

SEENEOH is a test site for fluvial hydrokinetic turbines. It is deployed on the Garonne river in the center of Bordeaux.

SEENEOH, a test site in Bordeaux for hydrokinetic turbines

Measurement campaign of Garonne river currents – Courtesy SEENEOH SAS

We have studied and developed the SCADA : from user requirements, to system specifications and design, interface definition and system development up to in-factory integration and validation.

This SCADA offers the following functions :

  • Power station control
  • Monitoring and control of hydrokinetic turbines and their converters/inverters
  • Acquisition of environmental as well as mechanical stress measurements

The test site is operational and provides one floating platform and two more connection hubs. The first tested machines should be producing electricity on the grid by mid-2017.