Web platform for RE production management : Datem Cloud

General view

Today, TEXSYS commercialize a complete and coherent service, accessible through the web platform Datem Cloud and integrating all the functions for operations follow-up and for electricity production management of RE power stations


screen-shot of the web platform for RE production management, Datem Cloud


This service is dedicated first and foremost to the production and performances follow-up of RE power plants. It aims to provide to each producer or operator all the data reporting necessary for analyzing the efficiency and productivity of his electricity production units.

Datem Cloud automatically processes all the data collected from the SCADA of the RE power stations, in order to present to producers standardized reports on operation and production, on monthly, quarterly, and yearly timescales.

It can offer a global statistical view, possibly multi-stations, but it also allows to explore in detail the data from one individual production unit in order to highlight any defective behavior, causing production losses.

It provides also to the maintenance teams the capability to observe and analyze the faulty situations and their frequency, in order for them to bring corrections and improvements for a better reliability and availability of their production units.

Datem Cloud concerns all the electricity production stations from renewable sources :

  • Wind energy
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Photovoltaic
  • Marine energies : wave and tidal
  • Biogas co-generation

Technology - Functionalities

Technically Datem Cloud is an evolutionary web platform, offering to the different concerned actors an innovative operational service for production management of pools of RE power plants. This service is directly targeting producers and power stations operators but also utility grid managers and traders acting on behalf of several producers.

In addition to operation and maintenance support functions (production, performances, availability, and failures analysis), Datem Cloud will offer shortly the following functionalities:

  • Short term production forecast, based on RE resource forecast and characteristrics of the RE power stations.
  • Multi-stations and multi-energies aggregation, to offer a global view of the current and anticipated production. Balance responsibility entity will be able to aggregate the data of the RE power plants of his network, as well as a trader for his pool of energy production.
  • Control of the power plants production: grid disconnection, power limitation, energy storage, etc.
  • Financial functions for the selling of the energy on the free market (daily and infra daily market).

The wind energy production forecast (H+36) is already operational, and may interest by this time all the French wind farms connected to the RTE electricity grid, which are required to provide the anticipated production for the next day.


You are owning or managing several RE power stations and you would like to benefit from a unified and centralized data management tool. Please contact us to know more about our Datem Cloud web platform and the support and faciliities it can provide you in your management tasks.

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