Automation for DEIE management

General view

EnR-DEIE is an automaton developed for managing on the production side the DEIE facility required by ENEDIS for: transmitting the functioning status of the power station and executing ENEDIS telecommands, related to the connection to the grid, the operating regime and power limitation.

The EnR-DEIE automaton is installed in the substation and interfaced to the ENEDIS DEIE device. It makes the link with the SCADA or the control system of the power station. The EnR-DEIE function is systematically integrated in the RunRiver automaton for hydropower stations.


TEXSYS has developed EnR-DEIE automatons for photovoltaic power stations

Technology – Functionnalities

EnR-DEIE is a system based on a PLC, whose program can be adapted to any kind of RE power station: wind farms, photovoltaic fields, hydroelectric power stations…

This automaton offers the following functions, fully compliant to ENEDIS specifications (ref. ERDF-NOI-RES_14E) :

  • Tele-transmission of the following signals:
    • Available / unavailable power station ;
    • Connected / unconnected power station.
  • Execution of the following telecommands  – these orders having the priority on the nominal control of the power station :
    • modification of the operational regime ;
    • Urgent disconnection from the grid ;
    • Limitation of the active power  ;
    • Limitation of the reactive power;
    • Waiting for connection to the grid authorization, after a grid fault (on frequency or voltage)


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