General view

The Actem system is a complete and generic SCADA, fitted for numerous supervision and teleprocessing applications and first and foremost for decentralized electricity production stations: wind farms, photovoltaic fields, hydropower plants, hydrokinetic turbines, etc.

Actem display for wind turbine performance monitoring

Technology - Functionalities

The on-site SCADA server, kernel of the Actem system, is a meaningful real-time embedded system, under Linux, offering a total reliability, ensuring the data integrity and the continuity of service. The server named CM offers the following functions:

  • Multi-protocol data acquisition : Modbus, OPC, and any protocol which can be specifically developed,
  • Data absolute synchronization,
  • Real-time processing and monitoring,
  • Data recording at 1 second interval,
  • Statistics data computing and recording at programmable intervals (ex 15 minutes),
  • Alarm management and transmission by email,
  • Real-time supervision MMI,
  • Replay function (ex for fault diagnosis)

ACTEM is running on specialized small size and low consuming processors adapted to autonomous measurement stations installed outdoor: e.g. metrological or oceanographic stations for marine renewable energies.

Server / Client architecture

 Server/client architecture of Actem supervision system


Please contact us for a quotation of Actem adapted to your needs and facilities, including the sensors, instruments, equipment you would like to monitor.

We will proposed you the best adapted solution in terms of architecture, processor, network communications, components, to offer you a customized SCADA, integrated on-site and giving the required services to the concerned users.