Hydropower stations automation, RunRiver solution

General view

RunRiver is a global solution for automatization and supervision of hydroelectricity power stations, whatever the power, the number and the type of the turbines.

The RunRiver system provided by TEXSYS on the Villars hydropower station

Technology - Functionalities

RunRiver offers the following functionalities:

  • Optimized control of turbine units and of the auxiliary equipment of the plant ;
  • Fail-proof management of electrical and mechanical security ;
  • Perfect regulation of the flow, maximizing the electricity production, in the respect of the regulatory constraints ;
  • Management and optimization of the multi-turbines production, due to an advanced dispatching algorithm, taking into account the individual characteristics of each turbine ;
  • Reduction of turbine maneuvres to preserve the equipment and cut down maintenance costs ;
  • Monitoring and control of the High and Low voltage sub-system ;
  • Reactive power compensation, compliant to electricity delivery contract ;
  • Strict application of ENEDIS and EDF requirements and standards for the operations of the power plant, after utility grid faults ;
  • DEIE management ;
  • Smart management of the turbining, regarding the head height, especially in case of high river flows, in order to adapt the turbines' apertures to the available hydropower ;
  • Management of the screen rake and of the entry and discharge valves
  • Integrated supervision to monitor in real-time the whole plant, to analyze the performances, and to receive detailed alarms related to any fault of a turbine or of any other equipment.

System architecture

Schema of the RunRiver solution general architecture


Please contact us if you are renovating or building a hydropower station, and consult us on the solutions which we can propose for your particular site.

We will be able to study electricity, instrumentation and automation sub-systems and to propose the customization of our RunRiver automaton for a perfect adjustment to your plant, and an optimal productivity over the long term.